Lost or Stolen Credit and Debit Cards

imageWhether you’re on a trip to Europe or a trip to the mall, it’s scary if your credit card is lost or stolen. Before fraudulent charges start stacking up on your account, take action. Once you realize your card is missing or has been stolen, contact us right away. We’ll cancel your old card and send you a new one promptly. Continue reading


EMV Chip Cards for ProFed Visa®

Sales clerk handing debit machine to customer.

Your ProFed Visa Debit and Credit Cards will soon include an EMV chip, the latest card security feature. Rolling out in the first quarter of 2016, these new cards will offer even greater protection when shopping. Continue reading

Back to School Shopping

Back to School Shopping

Are you overwhelmed by your school shopping list? Take a look at some of our low-cost options for extra cash for your school supply shopping. Continue reading

Card Cracking Scams: Your Personal Connection to Criminals

Card Cracking Scams: Your Personal Connection to CriminalsLarge breaches of consumer information from retailers may be making all the headlines, but other scams are also causing chaos. There is a new twist on old fraud techniques that is individually targeting consumers. Continue reading

Knowing the Score

Knowing the Score. Illustration by ProFed Federal Credit UnionWhen it comes to credit scores, you are more than just a number. That’s because there is no single type of credit score. Some lenders may use your FICO score while others may use your score from a particular credit reporting agency—Equifax, Experian or TransUnion. FICO and the credit reporting agencies use different formulas, so you could have four completely different scores, depending on where you look. Continue reading

10 Great Things About ProFed Online Banking

ProFed_10_Great_Things Continue reading

4 Ways to Increase Your Smartphone Security

blog_smartphone_securityIf you have a smartphone, you know how versatile it is. You can organize and access all your contacts, email, social media, and even financial accounts at any time. With all that information, what happens if it is lost or stolen? How can you protect yourself from data loss or identity theft? Continue reading