Get Your ProFed Perks!

Pay yourself back for your holiday shopping. If you have a Visa® Debit Card and Online Banking, you can start earning cash back offers on the purchases you make during the holidays, and all year round. That’s right, FREE money back, just for using your Debit Card at select merchants.

Here’s how it works: When you log into ProFed Online Banking, click on the offers under ProFed Perks. Select the perks you want, and add them to your Debit Card to activate them. Be sure to read the terms of the offers carefully, they will have different restrictions and expiration dates. Then shop online or at the store (depending on the offer) with your ProFed Visa Debit Card, and see the cash back offers add up. The more you use your Debit Card, the more offers will be generated.

You can even add offers when you’re on the go. Just login to your account on ProFed’s iPhone or Android app and select the offers you want to activate on your card.

Login a few days after your purchase to see the rewards you’ve earned on the ProFed Perks page. The offers you redeem in the current month will be deposited to your checking at the end of the following month. Perks are generated based on where you’ve shopped before, so the more you shop, the more you can save. There’s never been a better time to enjoy ProFed Perks. This holiday season, merchants will be offering even more cash back. And yes, your account information remains completely confidential and anonymous.

Start taking advantage of the offers today by logging into ProFed Online Banking. Check out our FAQ for more details.


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