Keeping Your Information Secure

Personal financial information should always be kept private. Don’t throw account statements, credit card offers, and old checkbooks in the trash. Shredding is a simple, safe and secure way to dispose of these documents.  Shredders can be purchased at almost any store, but prices and quality can vary widely. Look for either a cross cut or micro cut type of shredder. Shredding at an office store or specialty shred store is an option if you have a large volume of old documents. Be sure that you watch the shredding process. You don’t want your documents to get lost on the way to the shredder.

ProFed has even more options to help keep your information secure. Online Banking enables you to receive statements electronically. Simply save the documents to your computer instead of printing or receiving statements in the mail. With online access, you can check transactions and reconcile your balances in real time instead of waiting a month for your paper statement to arrive. Suspicious account activity is likely to be caught sooner as well.

For more information and tips about information security, visit and click on the Security Videos link in the Security Center on the home page. Sign up for ProFed Online Banking at any branch.


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