Shopping for College Supplies


Whether you are excited about dorm life or long walks to classes, college is coming—and it’s bringing expenses with it. Laptops, tablets or other devices that you need on campus are not light investments. Even masters of bargain hunting are forced to spend a fortune when they have to buy thick literary anthologies, full-color textbooks and high-end software. Pile on meal plans, grocery bills, gas, school supplies, new clothes and of course, pizza. The expenses add up as quickly as you can blink.

Before you ring all that up on a high-rate credit card, look at the annual percentage rates (APR) that the company charges. What do you see? Rates can run as high as 30% APR—which is a pain if you are already loaded down with tuition bills.  Instead of paying through the nose, consider our Summer Loan Special. We offer rates as low as 5.99% APR* to help offset your college costs.

So rather than taking your credit card on your back-to-school shopping trip, talk to a ProFed representative. We offer flexible and convenient options with biweekly or monthly payments and the ability to transfer them from your checking or savings accounts online. You can use our loan calculators to help you decide if a loan is in your best interest.

Get smart. Get back to school with ProFed. For more information or to apply, call us at 260-373-1631 or 800-752-4613 ext. 1631, visit any branch or go online.

*Subject to credit approval. The annual percentage rate (APR) listed is our best rate. Your rate may vary depending on your credit score. This offer expires August 31, 2013. Contact a representative for details.



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