Loan Options

Loan OptionsHow do you get extra cash when you need it? If you take out a cash advance on a high-interest credit card, the cost of that cash could easily double with fees.

Instead, think about a loan from ProFed. Our loan options help you find the cash you need, all with payments that fit your budget*.

ProFed VisaOur credit cards have affordable interest rates, and no extra fee for cash advances. The interest rate for cash advances is the same rate for purchases. Our Rewards Credit Card helps you earn cash back on purchases.

Home Equity Line of CreditFor ongoing home repair projects or larger purchases, the equity in your home can be a source for a higher cash needs. ProFed Home Equity Lines let you advance directly to your checking account, or write a check. Home Equity Lines typically have lower rates than credit cards, and depending on your circumstances, may offer a tax** benefit.

Home Equity LoanThis loan gives you access to the equity in your home with a single disbursement. Use it for a one-time expense, such as a remodeling job or debt consolidation. As with our Home Equity Line of Credit, your Home Equity Loan may offer a tax** benefit.

Auto Loan RefinancingIf you financed a car from a dealer or at another institution in the past few years, ProFed may be able to help you lower your payments with our competitive interest rates.

Personal LoanOur personal consumer loans (sometimes called signature loans) are unsecured, which means there’s no collateral. The personal loan is ideal for single purchases like electronics, appliances, furniture or vacations.

PrimeLineThis open-ended line of credit offers quick and easy access to cash; and it has a low variable rate, based on the Prime Rate. You can advance on your PrimeLine anytime through ProFed Online Banking or in-person at any ProFed branch.

Skip-A-PaymentYour loan may qualify for Skip-A-Payment. Pay a small fee and skip a monthly payment or two biweekly payments. Contact a loan representative for details.

If you aren’t sure how much you want to spend, visit our web site. There you can estimate payments with our mortgage and loan calculators. Don’t forget about our other great loan rates on mortgages and new or pre-owned autos

Talk to a loan representative today at your local branch, apply online, or call us at 260-373-1631 or 800-752-4613 ext. 1631.

*Loans subject to credit approval. Approval is not guaranteed. Annual percentage rates for some loans may vary depending on credit score and other qualifications. Contact a loan representative for details. **Not intended as tax advice. Consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest on Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit. 


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