Check Your Credit Report Annually For Free

Report_BlogWhy should you check your credit report each year? There are two very good reasons. Knowing what’s in your report helps you stay on top of items that may hurt your chances at obtaining new credit. You will also be able to spot possible evidence of identity theft. 

By federal regulations, you are allowed to request and obtain a free credit report from all three reporting companies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) once every year. Don’t be fooled by slick ads on television or online. The only place to obtain your credit report absolutely free each year, with no strings attached, is The process takes just a few minutes. 

  1. Visit
  2. Go to the link to request your report.
  3. Answer precise questions about your credit and personal history to help each reporting company confirm your identity.
  4. Print or save a PDF of your credit report from the company. If you have a long history, you may want to save the PDF so that you don’t have to print large documents.
  5. Follow the Annual Credit Report site navigation to get the report from the next company.

After you have all three, you will need to review your reports. Negative items should be easy to spot. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has other items you can be on the lookout for, such as addresses where you didn’t live. This could be an indication of fraud or identity theft on your report. If you see an item you think is inaccurate, or if you have problems obtaining your report, you can contact the CFPB here.

As long as the data is correct, you should mark your calendar to check again next year. Keep an eye out for fraud by checking your accounts frequently. Watch all of your statements, and check your accounts online. ProFed offers FREE Online Banking with apps for Apple and Android*, so you can customize your own text or e-mail alerts for balance and transaction information. 

If you have more questions about reports and credit scores, visit for their FAQ section.  

*Mobile and Text Message Banking users must be enrolled in ProFed Online Banking. Consult your mobile service provider regarding your phone’s mobile web browsing capabilities and any applicable mobile service and text messaging charges.


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