10 Great Things About ProFed Online Banking


  1. You can get your account information anytime. Maybe you’ve been putting off balancing your account and the mood finally strikes you at 11:15 on a Wednesday night.1 With ProFed Online Banking, it’s no problem. Grab your laptop, smartphone2 or tablet, and login to see your transactions and reconcile your account. View a demo.
  2. It’s really easy to find a branch or ATM. Imagine you’re out at a farmers market one weekend and you found the perfect item, but they only take cash. Just tap the app on your smartphone and go to locations. You can find a list of surcharge-free ATMs nearby, or find them on a map in a snap. It also shows ProFed branches.
  3. You can text to get your balance without logging in. Register for Text Message Banking on your computer to get started. Once you’re set up, text BAL to 454545 and in seconds, you will know your balance.
  4. You can transfer funds in a text message. Text Message Banking users also have access to several features, including transfers. If you’re out shopping and your checking balance is a little low, text TRANS to 454545 and move money over from savings.
  5. Stay informed with alerts and notifications. When logged in on your computer, go to Mobile Banking & Alerts. Here you can set up e-mail or text alerts for low balance warnings.3 Once per day, the system will check your balance and alert you if you need to take action. You can also set up e-mail alerts for maturing certificates, upcoming loan payment dates, or missed payment dates. Or send yourself a recurring custom reminder to change your password or check your budgeting goals.
  6. FinanceWorks™ can make budgeting fun. Speaking of budgeting, ProFed Online Banking includes FinanceWorks™ absolutely free. You can chart your transactions in categories and monitor how much you’re spending with interactive charts and graphs. Add info from other accounts as well, and you’ll get a more complete financial picture.
  7. Automatic transfers make payments painless. Visit Schedule a Transfer under the Move Money section on your computer. Set up your regular loan payments so they automatically transfer on the due date. Once the transfer is made, you’ll also receive an e-mail letting you know the payment was made.
  8. Bill Pay means you may never have to write a check again. Bill Pay through ProFed Online is free. No monthly charge or fee per bill.4 When you receive a bill, simply login on your computer and click Bill Pay, or tap on Pay Bills in the app. You can pay anyone in the U.S. Bill Pay will send the funds to the payee via check or electronic transfer, and debit your account. No more buying stamps or stuffing envelopes at the kitchen table.
  9. You can get cash back just by using your ProFed Visa® Debit Card. ProFed Perks is a program to help you get the most from your Debit Card. Tap the app or visit the ProFed Perks section on your computer to add cash back offers to your account. After you redeem the offer, your account will be credited at the end of the following month.5
  10. You can keep your account if you move away. All of the online features give you the convenience of ProFed nationwide. Mobile Deposit enables qualified members to make check deposits with their smartphone and tablet apps. The app locations feature helps you find a surcharge free ATM nearby at more than 4,700 Alliance One locations.

There’s so much more to discover about ProFed Online Banking. Check out a demo here. Sign up now at any branch.

1ProFed Online Banking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with minimal interruptions for maintenance.
2Standard rates and fees may apply from your wireless carrier.
3Balance notifications are sent one time daily. Notifications may be delayed up to 24 hours.
4Overdraft and Non-Sufficient Funds fees apply. See Fee Schedule for more information.
5Cash back for ProFed Perks may be delayed up to 60 days. See FAQ for more information.


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