EMV Chip Cards for ProFed Visa®

Sales clerk handing debit machine to customer.

Your ProFed Visa Debit and Credit Cards will soon include an EMV chip, the latest card security feature. Rolling out in the first quarter of 2016, these new cards will offer even greater protection when shopping.

The microchip embedded on the card produces a secure one-time code for each transaction. This reduces the risk of fraud because the extra layer of security decreases the incentive for criminals to steal the information. Card fraud has been reduced in countries using EMV chip cards.

When you take your new card to a merchant with a chip terminal, you’ll no longer swipe the card. Insert the card with the chip facing up into the slot on the terminal. The terminal will read the chip and a transaction code will be generated.

Once the transaction has been processed, sign or enter your PIN to complete your authorization, and remove the card from the terminal. You will still be able to use your card for telephone and online shopping. If a merchant is not equipped with an EMV terminal, you will still be able to swipe your card.

Learn more about EMV chip cards, and watch a quick video on the new process, online at www.profedcu.org.


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